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Mr. & Mrs. CP, India

Dr Kaushal Kadam is one of the finest Doctors I have come across, She is very attentive to her patients she can understand the patient's expectations very well and her consultations are very comfortable, The Clinic has a very positive Vibe, she answers all your queries with undivided attention and with ease, Not only she is polite but appears confident, Me and my Husband are very satisfied with her treatment, we really felt we should have come to her earlier but it's never too late, Her entire team Dr Deepti, Dr Kalika, and Dr Sakshi very efficient, reports, phone calls, Tests, communication are all Handled very diligently by the staff at Corion Fertility Clinic, I Strongly recommend Dr. Kaushal Kadam to other Couples and Patients.

Mr. & Mrs. RK, India

Our dream of having a sibling for our son was finally fulfilled at Corion after 8 years!!! We had tried numerous cycles of IUI an IVF with all big doctors in various fertility clinics at Mumbai. Having faced miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy I had almost given up hope of ever having a second baby. But Dr. Kadam encouraged us with her positive and helpful attitude. She is patient, caring  and can be approached at any time. Unlike other clinics, her clinic is self-sufficient and we didn't have to run around for blood tests and scans. Everything is done under one roof. Her nurses are well trained and very helpful. They even came home to give me injections. We are very thankful to Corion and everyone at the clinic for helping us in fulfilling our dream. 

Mr. & Mrs. SL, India

Wanting to have a baby and not being able to have one - between these two, lies a mountain of sadness. Only those going through this situation can understand the trauma and desperation of infertility.

And the things you need more than anything else at that time are kindness and hope. Both things that the staff at Corion clinic have to offer in plenty.

There are websites online that offer vast amounts of information; there are institutions that offer medical expertise.

You need both information and expertise.

But Dr. Kadam always offered us hope and strength and whenever required, a box of tissues. Dr. Sakshi competently handled our questions and held our hands. The doctors were always positive. The sisters, who are entrusted with poking you a hundred times, were always gentle and sympathetic.

I used to be shaking every time before every procedure but there was always someone at Corion who grasped my hand and said it will all be ok.

They were right. And we have them all to thank for our lovely baby girl, born out of an ICSI procedure. We are forever grateful to Dr. Kadam and her entire team for giving us what we really, truly wanted. You can literally put all your eggs in this basket.

Mr. & Mrs. RA, India

My experience with the team of Corian has been wonderful. I had visited all the top clinics in Mumbai till I met Dr. Kadam she been an Angel sent by god . The minute I entered the Clinic gave me such a positive vibe and  the team right from Dr. Kadam, Dr. Shakshi, Dr. Kalika, all the nurses looked after me to the tee. The whole experience with them was a great one as you going through so much if emotional trauma but with their kind words and a positive attitude so feel in safe hands. They are so systematic right from sending you the reports to the accounts department everything was handled perfectly and of course Dr. Kadam does have magic in her hands as she gave us a beautiful gift of being parents  after 10 years of wait. We can't thank enough each team member of Corian as the love, support n care we got from them. Thank you once again I would suggest each and every intended parents to be under Corian shelter in case they facing problems in becoming parents. They are the best and you will be in safe hands with lots of care n love.

Mr. & Mrs. PAC , India

Very good experience and Dr. Kadam is very caring and answer all the query very nicely. Best thing about her that when she is with patients there are no phone calls to disturb and full attention given to patients. This is rarely seen in any other hospital.

Mr. & Mrs. SC, India

Doctor is very helpful, I not need to visit always to the hospital they send me report and all in mail ,that is very convenient to me because I come from very far,till now my experience is good .Will hope same in future.Thanks to Dr. Madam, Dr. Dipti n Dr. Priya

Mr. & Mrs. AAP, India

It’s been a tough journey for us, Dr. Kaushal Kadam made us see a way of hope at the end of the dark tunnel. Her Team made us believe that Indian Hospitals are not all the same!! We leave here holding to our dream Dr. Kaushal Kadam has safely instilled in our hearts. May God continue to bless her!! We believe our dream will become a reality.

Mr. & Mrs. BM , India

Dr Kadam is efficient, well read and open minded. She is able to tailor treatments to your individual needs. She has wonderful bedside manner and will go out of her way to make patients feel comfortable. Dr Kadam also has gentle experienced hands when doing any physical examinations. She is quick but careful and gentle during physical examinations.
Her clinic is clean, modern and spacious. Her staff is well trained.

Mr. & Mrs. NVK, India

Dr. Kaushal is very helpful & friendly person who is ready to help 24x7. Available anytime on phone. All the Best to her for her clinic and I loved the sentence on her visiting card "From Conception to Cradles".

Mr. & Mrs. UO , India

The overall experience was fantabulous. I got best of both the worlds from this clinic. Really very very thankful to Dr. Kaushal for her rightful support and prompt decision making power. Blessed to have met her at the right juncture of my life. Would recommend family and friends to visit her. She made my life, couldn't have asked for more. Here's wishing all the success in future. 

Mr. & Mrs. BV, India

The doc is extremely polite. She understands your problem and suggests right solution. She does not try to get money of you by recommending costly process unnecessarily. Also she is very good in her work. Her entire team and staff is very polite and dedicated. I would recommend her to anyone who is facing problem in conceiving.

Mr. & Mrs. PA, India

We would like to thank you all for all the support, care, affection & love during the stressful time we had gone through and helped us, in our dream to come true. It was due to your guidance & support that we were not too stressed & patiently united & with the care made the transitional process convenient. We would always be thankful to you and your team. 

Mr. & Mrs. AM, India

Doctor was very courteous and explained things in plain language. She has a team of experts which brought things together and execute the whole process beautifully. 

Mr. & Mrs. SA, India

Overall experience including every member at Corion Clinic was so cordial, helpful which definitely is needed at tough time. Thank you. Thank you for all your hard-work, support & love. 

Mr. & Mrs. V V, India

Thank You so much for everything you have done for us, You should write something on your front office which says "WE CREATE LIVES". Thank you so much!!!


Mr. & Mrs. KS, Dubai

Many thanks to Dr. Kadam & her fabulous team for all their dedication for making our dream come true. The whole process was so smooth & beautiful that we look forward to doing it soon again. We will always be there to spread the word. Thank you.


Mr. & Mrs. IA

Dear Dr. Kadam you will always be the most important person in my life. I am whole hearty thankful to you and will be so throughout my life. It has been the most wonderful experience with all the Doctors, Nurses and staff of Corion. The feeling cannot be expressed in words. Thank You Dr. Kadam for giving my life a meaning. I hope May God bless you in each and every possible way.


Mr. & Mrs. NCB, Australia

We have known Dr. Kadam for the past 2 years. During this time she has blessed us with a beautiful baby boy for which we will always be grateful for. A gestational surrogate carried our baby for us and throughout the whole pregnancy we were regularly informed of our baby’s progress. Dr. Kadam has been great at answering all my questions and putting my mind at ease while maintaining a high level of professionalism and integrity. It's Dr. Kadam's extensive medical experience and warm caring nature that makes Corion different from other fertility clinics in both India and Australia.

MR & MRS RJL, Melbourne, Australia

We have been dealing with Dr Kadam and the Corion team since early 2015. We undertook two attempts with two different egg donors in August & November 2015. After the first cycle failed, Dr Kadam made many changes to push for a more successful outcome. We are blessed that after nearly 10 years of trying to conceive (including 20 rounds of IVF) we are now parents to our beautiful twins.

Dr Kadam is very highly recommended by us. She is obviously a specialist but she also has good English skills, is a clear explainer and good emotional understanding. I honestly could not ask for anything more. Also, she always does what is best for the client, and pushes for the best outcome.

Dr Kadam’s team is very good, competent and the majority have reasonable English skills. Special thank you also to Dr Joshi and Sakshi for their assistance during the cycles.

The Clinic itself was good, air-conditioned and clean. You will not regret using Corion to help on your journey.

Mr. & Mrs. AMN, Australia

"My husband and I have just returned from India with our beautiful Baby Girl, Lilah. Our journey of 9 years led us to Corion Fertility Clinic and we are so grateful to Dr. Kadam and her staff for helping us to become a family. After meeting with Dr. Kadam it is very clear her compassion towards her intended parents and surrogates is why she has been so successful in her chosen field.

Dr. Kadam was more than happy to answer any questions we had and assist us in any way she could. We both highly recommend her and her staff and would be happy to share our experience with anyone contemplating using Corion Fertility Clinic.

Mr. & Mrs. PB, Australia

To the entire Team at Corion, Thank you so much for turning our dream of having a family into reality. You have given us two perfect angels – a boy & a girl. Our entire experience has been wonderful and we offer you our deepest gratitude. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity made so much better by the warm Indian hospitality. If anyone has any questions about the process, we are ready to help any way we can – just email:

Mr. & Mrs. MTR, Australia

Thank you so much for Dr. Kadam, Dr. Sakshi & Corion’s staff assistance. We’re expecting our second child any day now. The IVF cycle result has been fantastic compared to previous cycles done with other Indian Clinic. Thank you so much again for creating our family of four. Best Wishes for 2012 & beyond to make many dreams to come true.

Mr. & Mrs. S & F, Australia

We cannot believe we will have a new family member before this Christmas and it would be the most wonderful Christmas gift given in our life.

Before I started my IVF treatment at Corion Clinic, I thought that this is my last chance for me as after our all attempts had been unsuccessful. Then I was very anxious and not much confident to get good result.

However, once I stayed in contact with Dr. Kadam, Dr. Rajput and their wonderful team, I felt that we may be able to make our dream come true because they have responded very professionally to any questions I made (I did so many! ), and their dedication was impressive.

Thanks to Dr. Kadam and all their team! for helping us with achieving our dream.

I am very looking forward to seeing you all at Clinic again for possible second child in near future!

Mr. & Mrs. SCC, Australia

Dr. Kadam & staff are very helpful & make the whole process seem simple and uncomplicated. We will be recommending Corion to others in our similar situations. So, we are happy with the process & feel confident that this will continue. Thank you & hope to see you in 9 months.

Dr. Mrs. KH, Australia

A very good, clean, well run facility. Staffs are friendly and make you feel welcomed at all times. A superior clinic to the one we have previously visited. We just have to hope now.

Mr. & Mrs. RC, Australia

A clinic that makes you feel comfortable throughout the process. Well run clinic. Keep up the good work.

Mr. TA, South Australia

A very busy clinic with happy and friendly staff. Thank you.

Mrs. & Mr. DMB, Australia

"Words cannot express how we feel about Dr Kadam & the precious gifts she helped us achieve. After 20 years of unsuccessful pregnancies & at a loss for what to do next, we chanced upon Dr Kadam & Corion Fertility Clinic. A fairy-tale ending to years of struggle & heartache, Dr Kadam gave us the greatest joys of our lives - 2 beautiful babies, a son & a daughter, born February 2013. The entire procedure of surrogacy can be very daunting to say the least. Dr Kadam was very encouraging throughout the entire process. She answered any question, no matter how trivial, & kept us well informed. Dr Kadam & the Corion staff provided the support we needed throughout this whole crazy roller coaster of making a baby through assisted reproduction. We would highly recommend Dr Kadam & Corion Fertility Clinic to anyone beginning this journey. They are the helping hand you surely need along the way. We are now the proud parents of twins & have Dr Kadam to thank for it".

Mr. & Mrs. NDJ, Australia

In 2009 I was shattered to wake from surgery to find I’d had a partial hysterectomy, I would not bear another baby. However, we did not give up hope and in May 2012 Dr. Kadam helped us to complete our family. Another Australian couple recommended Corion Fertility to us and it was the best decision we made. Dr. Kadam answered all our questions promptly and we were very happy with the level of expertise, level of care and information provided throughout the entire process. Dr. Kadam and the team at Corion made the impossible possible, we are eternally grateful and would not hesitate to recommend them. N & D Janson, Brisbane, Australia.


Mr. & Mrs. SKC, UK

Dear Dr. Kadam & All Staff We are happy with all the help we have received whilst at the Clinic. After exhausting all other options to complete our family - we have been given hope - By All Gods grace we will be successful and all the best for all of you on the same journey as us. Thank you and all the best of success.

Mr. & Mrs. RA, UK

We have suffered from unexplained infertility for 5+ years. Not understanding the reason for infertility and its effects on your life is best understood by someone who suffers from this condition. I underwent 6 cycles of IUI and 7+ cycles of IVF + multiple attempts for surrogacy - without success.

We had the good fortune to meet Dr. Kadam and her team and I delivered a healthy baby in March 2014. When your mind is confused on next steps, you need a mentor and doctor who has the full wherewith-all to understand your situation and explain things in a non convoluted language. I have a doctor in my family to I understood the level of maturity and domain knowledge we received when I was treated in Corion.

Mr. & Mrs. TDM, UK

All the way through the process, Dr. Kadam always replied to e-mails & answered the phone whenever needed. The staff are very patient and helpful and we were very happy with the service. Thank you. We are very happy to go back to UK and we hope to come back in nine months.

Mr. & Mrs. ASB, UK

Sakshi is amazing. We love her!! Thank you to everyone at Corion. You have been so helpful before and after our arrival with great information and lovely staff. I am very hopeful for helping us to create our children. It is such a dream which I am hoping for reality. Bless you all.

Mr. & Mrs. DBF, UK

Dr. Kadam You and your staff offer hope to those who sometimes feel option less. The work you all do represents the light at the end of the tunnel and for this we are eternally grateful. Continue doing what you are doing, and never lose faith, because the faith you have in opening and demonstrate is the faith that motivates us to believe that one day we will become parents. God's Blessing.

Mr. & Mrs. BW, UK

'I tried so many clinics in the UK to ask them if they would do fertility treatment for me, but they all said no my hormone levels where too low and refused to do any treatment on me. I desperately wanted children but feared after waiting to recover from a long illness I had left it too late. I contacted Dr. Kadam who replied to my email straight away telling me I could come next week and she would start the treatment on me. The UK have a policy of only transferring one egg per IVF cycle but in India they don't have this policy making your changes of children far greater. Now I have two lovely twin babies a boy and a girl! I am so happy. Dr. Kadam is a really trustworthy, caring and kind doctor and I would recommend her to anyone.'

Mr. & Mrs. VM, UK

"We contacted Corion fertility clinic for international surrogacy. We had a very positive experience and were blessed with twins. Our case was dealt in a very professional and ethical way. Dr. Kadam and her team are very approachable and caring. We were kept well informed throughout. They also provided an excellent care to the surrogate which was very reassuring for us. We are very grateful to each and every member of the team."


Mr. & Mrs. BJB, USA

"Twin girls!!! Our hearts are filled with joy. Our little Indian princesses. One of the most important decsions of our life and we are glad to have partnered with Dr. Kadam to make it happen. She is a well-respected doctor and an exemplary and compassionate person. We tried many transfers. At times we felt like it just wasn't going to happen and considered giving up. Dr. Kadam gave us hope. And now we know what miracles looks like ... they smile and giggle each morning as we wake them up.

Mr. & Mrs. LPC, NJ, USA

We wanted to thank the entire Team at Corion Clinic, especially Dr. Kadam and Mrs. Sakshi. We are grateful that we found such a wonderful clinic that took the time and had the patience to answer all our questions. May God bless all of you. Thank you for making our dreams finally a reality.

Mr. & Mrs. RNS, USA

My experience with Corion has been really good so far. The staff are very polite and warm. Dr. Kadam is very humble and answered all my queries. Took the time to explain the entire process and concerns regarding my condition. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone out there seeking fertility treatment.


Mr. & Mrs. GNT, Canada

My wife and I have wanted and obviously tried to have a child for just over 15 years even using IVF two times without any success. We decided surrogacy was the next best option for us. We contacted many different clinics in India. Fortunately, Doctor Kadam responded quickly and positively to all of our questions which in my opinion was no small feat.

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Kadam and her Team for being so professional and understanding. Finally our dream has come true after fifteen years! We have a healthy three month old baby. Personally, I must admit that we really appreciated receiving the monthly surrogate pregnancy and even ultra sound reports.

On a final positive note, we recommend Dr. Kadam and her Team to all couples who wish to have children. We decided to write this note of appreciation to simply thank Dr. Kadam and her amazing Team to hopefully help others that are in our plight. From the bottom of our hearts my wife, my son who is a miracle and I wish to acknowledge the joy you have given to our entire family.


Irish Couple Share Their Surrogacy Journey

Fiona Whyte and Sean Malone from West Clare shared their extraordinary journey towards becoming parents.

Their new book, 'Without A Doubt: An Irish Couple's Journey Through IVF, Adoption And Surrogacy' details their story and what they went through to start a family. Their difficult road included unsuccessful attempts at IVF and adoption, before finally having their twins through a surrogate in India.

Listen to the full interview with Fiona and Sean below:


Ms. MSK, Ireland

"Following a 13 year journey through infertility, in a number of different countries, we travelled to India to the Corion Fertility Clinic. From our very first email all the way through to the birth of our beautiful baby daughter and the subsequent negotiation of exit visas, emergency passports etc, we were treated and engaged with as the most important people in the world, which as anyone battle-hardened from infertility treatments will know is a rarity in itself. The kindness and compassion of every staff member at the Clinic flowed through every email, even the most "stupid" question and concern were dealt with, with kindness and genuine urgency. We cannot recommend the clinic highly enough and while we had committed that this was our last "try" we regretted on a number of occasions that we had not attended the clinic earlier in our journey to parenthood. We are very happy to be ambassadors for the clinic and to receive any questions anyone contemplating treatment may have."

Mr. & Mrs. SF, Ireland

Following many failed IVF attempts in Spain we decided to try to have a baby through surrogacy. We were fortunate to choose the right clinic for us, the Corion clinic and to meet Dr. Kadam. The clinic was clean and well run while the staff were always friendly, professional and compassionate. Once pregnant we received updates regularly and all our questions were answered promptly. The pregnancy went as planned and we are now the proud parents of twins, Ruby and Donal. We can never thank Dr. Kadam enough for what she has done for us.

Mr. RC, Ireland

The decision as a single man to go ahead with surrogacy in India was daunting. However, thanks to the guidance and advise from Dr. Kaushal and Corion Clinic, I was able to proceed with confidence. The regular updates and prompt answering to my queries made the process easier. Now six months after the birth, I am settled at home with a beautiful, healthy baby boy - thanks to the expertise and support of Corion Clinic.


Mr. RL, Argentina

"Our path to parenthood has been very long, much more than the 15,000 kilometers away from our home in Argentina and Mumbai where were gestated and born our 2 children. We are deeply grateful to the team of Corion and especially to Dr. Kadam. They have been very warm with us since the first day and they also have been excellent as professionals. The first pregnancy was successful on the first try and it took only two attempts in the second pregnancy. We have been very lucky and we are deeply grateful.


Mr. GA, Spain

We want to thank Dr. Kaushal Kadam and her Team for making our dreams come true. Four months ago we had a beautiful boy with a surrogate mother. He is a beautiful, healthy and happy boy that has stolen our hearts. Dr. Kadam and her Team were very supportive in all steps of the process, showing true professionalism. Our calls were always answered and our doubts cleared with detailed explanations. To deal with the distance and our anxiety, we were able to follow the pregnancy with reports sent to us periodically, and if any exceptional circumstances occurred, we would also receive a call from Dr. Kadam herself to give us an update. We learned to trust Dr. Kadam and we highly recommend her. We are now planning to have our second child, and we can't think of anyone else to handle it.

Mr. & Mrs. SI, Spain

We leave behind our hopes that you may convert our dreams into Reality. Thank you.

Mr. IG, Spain

To be speaking in person with Dr. Kadam, feeling our babies were growing so far yet so close. It was really special and all this is thanks to them. And in the end that dream came true and I get the November 14, 2012, the day on which our babies were born Lucas and Paula.


MR. & Mrs. MM, Africa

I am so happy with the service and care Dr.Kaushal Kadam provided us.She has made our dream come true. She was always there to answer my calls at any time. She made sure to answer all my questions and explained everything in detail. I can't thank her enough. And the whole team were very helpful. Special thanks to Dr. Hitesha, Sister Shraddha and Sakshi not forgetting the whole team.