Corion Fertility Clinic

Medical Director

Dr. Mrs. Kaushal Kadam, MD, DGO

Dr. Kaushal Kadam, is the Medical Director of Corion Fertility Clinic. Having been in the field of Assisted Reproduction for the past fifteen years, Dr. Kadam has a number of pregnancies to her credit. She is known for her expertise in this field as well as for her art in performing good embryo transfers. Her warm welcoming nature and personal attention to each patient and her dedication and passion for her work in helping patients achieve what they have been longing for years and has made Corion clinic today get the good success rates. Dr. Kaushal Kadam is also very academically oriented and has a number of presentations to her credit. She has also authored a few chapters in various books on Infertility. She is a member of the European Society for Human Reproduction (ESHRE) and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and attends these conferences to present her research work and to upgrade her knowledge in this field. With this her aim has been to deliver the best to her patients and bring all such facilities here in her clinic so that India is at par with any other international set up in the West. Dr. Mrs. Kaushal Kadam has provided treatment and assistance to infertile parents globally, CORION has thus assimilated comprehensive knowledge of Procedures and requirements globally and is able to meet expectations and provide service that are at par or better than any country in the West or East. Dr. Kaushal Kadam is also very interested in painting and loves to paint on the canvas in her free time. She is also a caring mother to two children and tries to spend her maximum time off work with them.

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Laboratory Director

Mrs. Sakshi M. Parab, M.Sc.

Mrs. Sakshi Parab, is the Chief Embryologist & Laboratory Director at Corion Fertility Clinic. Sakshi has been involved in human IVF field since 2004. She has achieved her Master's degree in Biochemistry from renowned Institute of Science, Mumbai & also done D.M.L.T. from prestigious G.S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai which is affiliated to Mumbai University.

She was also involved in the study of Stroke Research at Lilavati Hospital & Research center as Research Co-ordinator.

Prior to working at Corion Fertility Clinic, Sakshi worked at one of the leading IVF centers in Mumbai as a Senior Embryologist. She is well trained in all IVF & ICSI related procedures. Her expertise include Oocyte & Embryo Vitrification as well as Warming, Laser Assisted Hatching & Blastocyst Culture.

To enhance her skills & knowledge in this field, she has travelled for an IVF training program to Homerton University Hospital, Homerton, UK where she was coached to excel in doing IMSI & Vitrification.

Her area of special interest in ART includes Blastocyst Culture & Oocyte Vitrification. She believes that her skills & knowledge will help in contributing considerably towards ART.

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Clinical Associate

Dr. Hitesha Ramnani, DNB (OBGYN), FIRM(ICOG)

Dr. Mrs. Hitesha Ramnani is a qualified Obstetrician and Gynecologist from Diplomate of National Board, New Delhi. While specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology, she developed a special affinity towards the field of Reproductive Medicine and so underwent training in assisted reproductive technology from Indian College of Obstetricians and Gynecology.She has also done FOGSI recognized training in ultrasonography from a renowed institute. Prior to working at Corion, Dr Hitesha worked at one of the leading IVF centers in Pune as a Clinical Associate. She is well trained and is capable of treating all infertility cases and manages all ART cycles.

Being young, dynamic & extremely friendly, she shares a very good relationship with everyone and patients find her very compassionate. Dr. Hitesha is always willing to make time for her patients providing both medical expertise and emotional support throughout their journey.

Dr. Hitesha is possesses good clinical background, matched with an amicable nature.

IVF Co-ordinator

Dr. Mrs. Kalika Joshi, B.H.M.S.

Dr. Mrs. Kalika Joshi has joined Corion Fertility Clinic in 2013 as a IVF Co-ordinator. She has, completed her Bachelor’s degree (B.H.M.S.) from CMP Medical College, Mumbai affiliated to MUHS (Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nasik). Her responsibilities include coordinating the IVF treatment cycles for all our patients under the guidance of Dr. Kaushal Kadam.

Co-ordinates the donor egg & Surrogacy program and ensure it’s smooth & successfully running.

Her compassionate nature & humble approach to all patients have gained her a good popularity.

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