Corion Fertility Clinic

Donor Egg Surrogacy

Corion runs a very successful Donor Egg Gestational Surrogacy program which is offered to people of Indian nationality and includes married couples where the wife is no longer able to form her own eggs and requires both an egg donor as well as a Gestational Surrogate. Corion supports all these patients in their endeavor to become parents since the clinic believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the joy of parenthood.

The clinic can help provide both, the egg donor as well as a Gestational Surrogate by referring you to their donor agency. The agency database has approx. 30-40 Ethnic Indian egg donors of which a few are ready to donate at any given point of time. The agency can mail you the profiles of the donors for you to choose. Caucasian egg donors can also be arranged by referring you to an overseas agency that helps you with the same. We work in collaboration with agencies from all over the world and you can avail their contact details by writing a mail to

To begin the program, we require you to register with us. Once registered, we will be able to provide you a Gestational Surrogate for your treatment cycle.

All the surrogates undergo a thorough and strict screening process includes a hormonal screen as well as an infectious disease screen along with a psychological screen and an IQ test conducted by a qualified psychologist. They are also counseled at the clinic along with their husbands regards the entire process prior to induction into the program. All of them are between 23-35 years of age, married, divorced or widows and women who have delivered healthy babies of their own.

Embryo(s) transferred into the surrogates are either fresh or frozen. The surrogates are taken care of post their embryo transfer and through their nine months. They are provided good nutritious food and clean, hygienic accommodation. Our staff nurse visits them regularly to ensure their medication is taken on time. It is for this reason that surrogates for Corion patients are able to deliver healthy babies at term. Additionally, all of them deliver in a multispecialty hospital that has good neonatal facilities. Our success rates with surrogacy have therefore been 60-70% with an abortion rate of 2-3 % only.

A few of our successful patients have even agreed to become our Global Ambassadors and share their experiences with our potential patients. You can click here to check their email addresses.

Post delivery, we coordinate and help you with the necessary paper work to assist you getting the citizenship for your child. Birth certificates are issued in the names of the genetic parents or Intended Parents, in accordance to the guidelines set in ART guidelines Bill, 2010.

We can also refer you to an International Lawyer firm, which has a vast experience in helping patients with Surrogate babies. To know more on the legal considerations for Gestational Surrogacy, please write to our lawyers, Mr. Rajesh Rathod and Mrs. Urvi Rathod from U R Legal at or

We can also help you with the accommodations in a hotel / Rental / Serviced apartments near the clinic. You could contact our concierge services at for further details. We can also help you with a five star accommodation that has agreed to offer our patients special concessional rates. You can check the details here.

As per Ministry of Home Affairs, singles cannot be offered Surrogacy in India, as they do not fulfill visa regulation.