Corion Fertility Clinic

Donor Egg Program

One of the programs that Corion runs successfully is the Donor Egg Program. We have been able to achieve this by doing fresh embryo transfers with embryos formed from fresh egg donations.

This program has been a boon for all patients who are suffering from premature ovarian failure; who are already menopausal and desire to have children; have been informed that their egg quality is not good or have had an oophorectomy done due to various reasons. Single men who require donor egg and surrogate can also avail of this program. You can read more about this program at Donor Egg Surrogacy.

Our clinic can provide you ethnic Indian egg donors by referring you to a Donor Agency that works closely with the clinic to help you prepare your egg donor. The agency has a number of egg donors who are ready to donate at any given point of time and they can mail you the profiles of the same for you to choose. The donors are of varying height and color and they provide you details like their education, occupation, hobbies etc. to help you choose. These donors are thoroughly screened prior to taking them into the program.

Caucasian egg donors can also be arranged by referring you to an International agency that helps you with the same. We work in collaboration with agencies globally and you can avail their contact details by writing a mail to

To undergo a Donor Egg treatment, you will be required to stay in Mumbai for a maximum of five days only and the success rate is more than 70%.

To undergo a Donor Egg IVF cycle with us, please write to us at