Corion Fertility Clinic

Cryoshipper Program

At Corion, we offer the facility of shipping your frozen embryos as well as semen samples from your IVF Clinic in your country to Corion Fertility Clinic.

Our worldwide courier services can co-ordinate the safe transport of your frozen semen samples or embryos across countries so that you need not travel & save valuable time and money.

The clinic along with its shipping agency takes complete responsibility of shipping your embryos/sperms without them being exposed to irradiation at customs. Our shipping agency also ensures that the Cryoshipper is shipped on priority basis so as to shorten the duration of the shipment.

The process can be started as follows:

Once you have provided your consent to the IVF Clinic where your embryos or sperms are cryopreserved to release your samples, we charge or prime our 21-day IATA approved Cryoshipper overnight with liquid nitrogen for three days to prepare for shipment. Corion has a prepaid export-import service; we initiate the shipment once we receive the rental fees for the shipper.

We arrange the pick up for the shipper by our courier services. Shipper export is done & your IVF Clinic is advised to transfer the frozen samples into the Cryoshipper. Cryoshipper along with the sample is once again picked up by our courier services within 24 hrs of sample loading.

Our shipper provides us a continuous update of the shipper by e-mail once the shipper is dispatched along with your samples from your clinic.

As soon as the samples are received at Corion, they are immediately transferred to our Liquid nitrogen Storage tanks to ensure safe storage. You and your IVF clinic will receive an e-mail once safe transport of your samples is completed.

We receive the invoice for import - export services after the complete safe transport of samples to Corion, which we will forward to you & advise for payment by Direct Bank Transfer.

It takes approximately 6 - 7 days each for import & export of Cryoshipper.

For any further details of the Cryoshipper services, you can write to Corion IVF Laboratory at