Corion Fertility Clinic

Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI)

This procedure for has been introduced at Corion in 2012. The laboratory was upgraded with new instruments and embryologists were imparted additional trainings. This process enables us to select morphologically normal sperm in a semen sample with up to 99% abnormal sperms. Selection of such sperms prior to ICSI reduces the chances of unexplained early abortions.
At Corion, we have RI IMSI™ which is supplied with imaging and a digital zoom function that allows evaluation of sperm to be carried out at very high magnification.

The sperm in IMSI is magnified to 7000dpi whereas with ICSI the magnification is only 400dpi. Examination of sperm at this high-magnification (7000dpi) with high contrast and high resolution results in selection of the normal sperms from a pool of large number of abnormal sperms prior to injecting it into the egg & therefore results in better quality embryos. IMSI displays chromatin compaction defects, which appear as holes inside the nucleus called 'vacuoles'. The number & size of the vacuoles determine whether or not there is damage to the DNA chain of the sperm. Selection of sperm without defects or those with fewer vacuoles increases rates of implantation / pregnancy, and reduces miscarriage rates. Once the best sperm has been selected, IMSI is carried out in exactly the same way as ICSI.

Patients who might benefit with IMSI are

  • Those with sperm demonstrating high degree of DNA fragmentation and / or increased abnormal spermatozoa (teratozoospermia), conditions that often accompany oligoasthenospermia
  • Patients with previous two IVF or ICSI failures
  • Couples with unexplained infertility. It has been shown that IMSI resulted in better egg fertilization rates, better quality embryos, better rate of blastocyst formation and therefore better pregnancy rates
  • Couples experiencing recurrent IVF failures and / or recurrent biochemical pregnancies / miscarriages

To undergo an IMSI cycle with us, please write an email to