Corion Fertility Clinic


IVF treatment can be very stressful and Corion understands that the patients can have a lot of additional anxiety regards travelling to a new place for a treatment so delicate in nature. To make their stay stress free and to make them feel at home away from home, Corion takes a step further and helps you with the accommodation through its reputed concierge services which you can trust will deliver the best to you and help you make your stay comfortable in Mumbai.

We want our patients to have pleasurable memories of their travel to Mumbai. Our concierge service will take care of all your small needs during your stay here. They will be able to help you with ticketing, hotel booking to & from the airport, short trips within India and even provide you with Indian mobiles so that you can be contactable.

Our concierge services is handled by Mr. Tarun Kumar from "I WORLD TOURS" and he can be contacted at

For those requiring to stay in India for longer duration while awaiting the citizenship papers for their babies and looking out for affordable, good serviced apartment away from Mumbai can write to for help with the same.